June 14, 2007



Honorable J.R. Ackley
Mayor of Marble Rock
322 Bradford Street
Marble Rock, Iowa  50653

Dear Mayor Ackley:

     This e-mail is in reference to the telephone conversation today between you,  Ms. Audrey Clarke, Mr. Terry Gavlinski and the undersigned from the US Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, Army Donations Program Office, regarding the display site for the M115 Howitzer.  We were given the impression that this piece was being displayed at a Veterans Memoriam Park but instead will be displayed on American Legion Post 387 property. 

     The first four requirements must be met before the movement of the howitzer can be approved:

     1.  Landowner permission from the American Legion to place the howitzer on their land - Received on June 14, 2007 signed by Commander Fred Kuykendall.

     2.  A letter from Mayor Ackley stating that he wants to move howitzer to the American Legion property for display.

     3.  Copy of the approved minutes of a City Council meeting.  This document must show that the appropriate governing body gives permission for the item to be displayed on American Legion property.

     4.  Site photograph depicting the proposed display site of the donated item.

     In addition, the piece of equipment is still on loan to the City to include all liability and accountability requirements. 

This information is required in our office no later than July 5, 2007.


                                                                                          Beverly Karjala
                                                                                          Donations Specialist