Tuesday April 7th, 2015 7:00 P.M.


          The Regular Meeting of the Marble Rock City Council was called to order with Mayor Engelhardt presiding with Councilpersons Ackley, Marzen, Schmidt, Schriever, and Wells were present. Mayor Engelhardt led the Pledge of Allegiance.


          Moved Ackley/seconded Marzen to depart from agenda to accommodate guest. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


          Terry from SEH Yaggy Colby proposed a change order from Popp Excavating to the council. The first part was to change the amount of $15,187.50 to $4,375.00 due to working around additional fiber optic. The second part was discussing a repair of sanitary sewer service that has already been paid for by Windstream, and finally an additional cost of thick wall cast iron pipe fittings for the amount of $4,985.00.


          Moved Ackley/seconded Schmidt to the approval of change order #4. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


          Moved Ackley/seconded Schriever to return to the Agenda. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


          Moved Marzen/seconded Schriever to approval of agenda with the addition of discussing large item pick up day. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


           Moved Ackley/seconded Marzen to accept the minutes March 2, 2015 regular Meeting. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


          Moved Wells/seconded Ackley to approve the monthly reports. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


          Income for the month of February totaled $17,636.19 which includes:  General Fund $4,748.06, Park Board Fund $0.23, Library Fund $1,224.29, Employee Benefits $498.94, Road Revenue Fund $2,797.56, TIF Fund $976.34, Debt Service 98.61, Landfill-Garbage/Recycling Fund $698.25, Sewer Revenue Fund $2,653.33, Water Revenue Fund $5,165.10.


          Moved Ackley/seconded Wells to approve the claims. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried. Total of all city claims were $31,128.29.


Salaries                                                                                               3408.40

Omnitel Communications         telephone service                                     68.25

Alliant Energy                        electricity                                                1064.26

Black Hills Energy                   natural gas                                              1215.49

Wellmark BC/BS                      monthly premium                                     1729.86

Stop-N-Shop                          gas/diesel                                               160.00

Charles City Press                   publish minutes, hearing, budget               51.17

Jendro Sanitation                   garbage/recycle collection                         839.56

Jendro Sanitation Bag Acct.     small bags                                               260.00

Marble Rock Reserves              transfers                                                 2100.00

Iowa Dept. of Revenue            sales tax                                                 160.00

IRS                                       Form 941                                                1057.43

IPERS                                    IPERS                                                     741.65

AgSource                               public water, route charge, waste water     23.78

Postmaster                            2 rolls of stamps                                      98.00

NAPA Auto Parts                    reflector, cap screw, locknut, cleaner          38.26

Hawkins                                chlorine/cylinders inv#3707101                345.50

Ackley, J.R.                            NIACOG meal                                          11.77

HTM Sales Inc.                       cleanup, breakdown, and prepare pump     448.86

Grinder Pump USA                  sewage pump                                          3160.00

Hach Company                       chlorine                                                  98.55

John Deere Financial               barb horses, reducer brushing                   33.71

Staudt Insurance                    Tort Liability                                           13060.00

Fastenal                                 parts for new pump                                  41.55

NCS                                      labor to diagnose problem with pump        136.00

Katcher, Brittney                    Best Buy copy of backup data                    99.99

Iowa DNR                              Annual Permit Fee for NPDE                      175.00

Iowa Dept. of Rev and Fin       quarterly state tax                                   486.00

Iowa Workforce Dev               quarterly unemployment tax                      15.25





MAYOR’S REPORT: The Mayor met with Heartland Asphalt and went over some patch work that will be redone and maybe some additional work if the funds are available.

Over Easter weekend the Mayor received three phone calls about Mary Rowe’s dogs getting out and running loose. The Mayor will be discussing the matter with Sherriff Lynch to see what can be done.

The water valve on River St. had to be repaired by Neil Fullerton.

The new sewer pump has arrived and has been put in.


          Moved Marzen/seconded Schriever to approval of the Community Centers Liquor License renewal. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


          Moved Ackley/seconded Schriever to allow the mayor to make the discussion on Liz Tegtmeier’s water heater. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


          Moved Wells/seconded Marzen to allow the clerk to adjust Gary Schmidt’s water bill due to the meter running high. The clerk will base the water usage off of the last six months average. Roll: Ayes- Ackley, Marzen, Schriever, Wells. Abstain- Schmidt. Carried.


          Moved Marzen/seconded Schriever to have the city purchase a battery backup for the City’s computer. Also to have J.R. and Steve look into a new computer, computer monitor, and Microsoft office that will allow the City’s computer and laptop to be synced together. Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


          Moved Ackley/seconded Wells to a Resolution Directing Assessment for Unpaid City Utility Services. Roll Call: Ayes- Ackley, Marzen, Schmidt, Schriever, Wells. All. Carried.


          Moved Ackley/seconded Wells to a Resolution Directing Assessment for Unpaid City Utility Services. Roll Call: Ayes- Ackley, Marzen, Schmidt, Schriever, Wells. All. Carried.





          Other items discussed: The gutter in the alleyway in-between the Main St. Buildings and Stop N Shop was discussed and needs to be fixed and the dumpster behind the Rock needs to be removed.

          John Marzen will be able to take appliances during large item pick up day, but will not be taking T.V.’s or computer monitors. To have any appliances picked up please call the City Hall.


          Moved Ackley/seconded Schriever to adjourn the meeting at 8:56p.m.  Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.




                                            Jerry Engelhardt, Mayor




Brittney Katcher, City Clerk