Monday April 3, 2017 7:00 P.M.




1.       Meeting called to order

2.       Pledge of Allegiance

3.       Approval of Agenda

4.       Approval of Minutes of the March 6, 2017 regular meeting.

5.       Monthly Reports

6.       Claims

7.       Mayor Reports

8.       Committee Reports

9.       Correspondence

10.     Unfinished Business

A. Phase 2 of Water Project- Rustin Lingbeek & Chris Diggins

B. Community Center Roof- Mayor

C. Whitetail’s Sidewalk and Memorial Park Sidewalk- Marzen  

11.     New Business

          A. Park Board would like to fill in part of the memorial park with dirt – Bob Kieper        

          B. Town Siren- Mayor

          C. Methodist church concrete between street and sidewalk- Mayor

          D. Set public hearing date to Amend Budget F/Y 2016-2017-Clerk

          E. Approval of Stop N Shop’s Cigarette Permit-Clerk

          F. Jendro Sanitation bins- Clerk

          G. Community Center Door Repair- Clerk

          H. Renewal of Community Center’s Liquor License- Clerk

12.     Maintenance Items

          A. Safety panic hardware for doors

13.     Public Comment

14.     Adjourn