Monday August 7, 2017 7:00 P.M.




1.       Meeting called to order

2.       Pledge of Allegiance

3.       Approval of Agenda

4.       Approval of Minutes of the July 5, 2017 regular meeting.

5.       Monthly Reports

6.       Claims

7.       Mayor Reports

8.       Committee Reports

9.       Correspondence

10.     Unfinished Business

          A. SEH Proposal –Rustin Lingbeek


11.     New Business

A. Resolution Adopting the Official Financial Report for City Streets for Year             

Ending June 30, 2017 – City Clerk

B. Res. Adopting Year-End Financial Report Ending June 30, 2017 – Clerk

C. Park Board Appointment-Dewey Kingery-Mayor/Council Approval

D. Approval to replace roof on Powerhouse, fill in washed area on the north side of Powerhouse- Park Board

E. Sewer Usage Rates- Clerk

F. Community Center/Quotes- Mayor

G. Resolution to fix a date for a public hearing on a proposal to enter into a Water Revenue Loan and Disbursement Agreement and to borrow money thereunder in a principal amount not to exceed $108,000

H. 408 South Main St. Water Hook Up- Steve Wells

I. Discuss potential additions/changes to the Code of Ordinances

12.     Maintenance Items

          A. Dump Truck and Loader

13.     Public Comment

14.     Adjourn