Tuesday September 11, 2018 7:00 P.M.




1.       Meeting called to order

2.       Pledge of Allegiance

3.       Approval of Agenda

4.       Public Hearing to review an application for a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan and to make available to the public the contents of an environmental information document and the City’s project plan

5.       Close Public Hearing

6.       Approval of Minutes of the August 6, 2018 regular meeting.

7.       Monthly Reports

8.       Claims

9.       Mayor Reports

10.     Committee Reports

11.     Correspondence

12.     Unfinished Business

A. Chipper - Mayor

B. Bow Hunting in Park- Mayor

13.     New Business

          A. Resolution Adopting the Official Financial Report for City Streets for Year             

Ending June 30, 2018 – City Clerk

B. Res. Adopting Year-End Financial Report Ending June 30, 2018 – Clerk

C. Approval of Urban Renewal Report – Clerk

          D. Renewal of Stop N Shop’s liquor License – Clerk

          E. City Sewer CD renewal – Clerk

          F. Trick or Treating Date and Time

          G. Fireworks in City Limits- Mayor

          H. Sidewalk/Curb on Bradford St. – Mayor

          I. City Hall remodel - Mayor

          J. Siren Funds - Mayor

          K. Gravel to Citizens – Mayor

          L. CDBG Policies, Forms, and Resolutions- Chris Diggins

          M. Approval of Flood Plain Permit

14.     Maintenance Items

          A. Truck Tires

15.     Public Comment

16.     Adjourn