City of Marble Rock, IA 50653-0098

Meeting Monday October 1, 2012 7:00 P.M.


1.       Meeting called to order

2.       Pledge of Allegiance

3.       Approval of Agenda

4.       Public Hearing on The Proposed Plans, Specifications, and Proposed Form of Contract for Construction of the New Public Water Supply Well Project.

5.       Public Hearing on Proposed Adoption of an Ordinance Granting To Interstate Power and Light Company (Alliant Energy) a 25 Year Non Exclusive Electric Franchise.

6.       Public Hearing on Development Agreement with Viafield Cooperative.

7.       Public Hearing on General Obligation Water Improvement Loan and Disbursement Agreement.

8.       Public Hearing on Purposed Community Development Block Grant Application for Municipal Water System Improvements Project.

9.       Approval of Minutes of the September 4, 2012 regular meeting.

10.     Monthly Reports

11.     Claims

12.     Mayor Reports

13.     Committee Reports

14.     Correspondence

15.     Unfinished Business

A.      Bob Keiper’s Tree

16.     New Business         

A.      Approving Stop-N-Shop to renewal Liquor License

B.       Doug Merfeld’s water bill- Adjustment and Paul Brunner

C.       Res. Granting Preliminary Approval For Tax Exemption Allowed Under The Marble Rock Urban Revitalization Plan- Gordon Rohwedder

D.      Res. Adopting Plans, Specifications, Forms of Contract and Estimate of Cost

E.       Res. Making Award of Construction Contract

F.       Res. Approving Development Agreement with Viafield Cooperative, Authorizing Annual Appropriation Tax Increment Payments and Pledging Certain Tax Increment Revenues to the Payment of the Agreement

G.      Res. Taking Additional Action on a General Obligation Water Improvement Loan and Disbursement Agreement

H.      Proposal for Professional Engineering Services – Amendment 1 Water System Improvement Project

I.       Removal of Trees at the Park- estimate $2,500.00

J.       Renewal of CD

17.     Maintenance Items

18.     Public Comment

19.     Adjourn