City of Marble Rock IA 50653-0098

Meeting Monday May 4, 2009 7:00 P.M.


1.                 Meeting Called to Order

2.                 Pledge of Allegiance

3.                 Public Hearing for Proposed Budget Amendment for Current Budget for F/Y Ending 06.30.09

4.                 Adjourn Public Hearing

5.                 Resolution Amending the Current Budget for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2009

6.                 Resolution to Authorize Amendment of Detail by Fund Type and Activity in Current Year Budget Ending June 30, 2009

7.                 Approval of Agenda

8.                 Approval of Minutes of April 6, 2009 Regular Meeting

9.                 Monthly Reports

10.             Claims

11.             Mayor Reports

12.             Committee Reports

13.             Unfinished Business

A.     Culvert Update

B.      Dust Control Update

C.     Lagoon Update

D.     Mayor Employment w/ Workforce Development

E.      Municipal Infraction Policy

F.      New Lift Station Equipment

G.     New Street Signs

H.     Nuisances Update

I.       Res. For Window Display

J.       Ordinance for Maintaining City Records

K.      Dram Shop Quotes

L.      Health Insurance Quotes

M.    Proposed City Software

N.     River Street Bridge Update

O.    State Audit Update

P.      Mosquito Control

Q.    TIF Project Selection

R.     Community Disaster Grant

S.      Water Code/Ordinance Changes




14.             New Business

A.     Community Center Liquor License Renewal





B.      Water Meter Rental Fee Proposal - Handley

C.     Water Hydrants Needing Repair or Replace

D.     FEMA Checks

E.      Maintenance Items

F.      Council Position on Alliant Rate Increase Merfeld

G.     Maintenance at Lagoon - Merfeld




15.             Adjourn