City of Marble Rock IA 50653-098

                                                Meeting Monday May 5, 2008 7:00 P.M.


1.                 Meeting Called to Order

2.                 Pledge of Allegiance

3.                 Call to Order Public Hearing Amending Current City Budget F/Y 07-08

4.                 Adjourn Public Hearing

5.                 Res. Amending the Current Budget for F/Y Ending June 30, 2008

6.                 Res. To Authorize Amendment of Detail by Fund type and Activity in Current Year Budget Ending June 30, 2008

7.                 Approval of Agenda

8.                 Approval of Minutes of April 7, 2008 Regular Meeting

9.                 Monthly Reports

10.             Claims

11.             Mayor Reports

12.             Committee Reports

13.             Unfinished Business

A.     Appointment of Mayor Pro Tem – Handley

B.      Concrete Work Specifications – Handley

C.     Development of Job Descriptions – Handley

D.     Development of Personnel Manual – Handley

E.      Development of Rules of Procedure – Handley

F.      Hand-held radios for Maintenance Man and Clerk Update – Handley

G.     Health Insurance Update – Handley/Mark Heard

H.     Historical Society Sidewalk – Lorri Chambers/Max Handley

I.       Nuisances-City Clean-up – Handley

J.       Podgorniak Letter 04.07.08 – Handley

K.      River Street Bridge Update – Handley

L.      Spring Cleanup – Handley

M.    Street Sweeper & Generator Bids – Handley

N.     Upstairs Windows Update - Handley

14.             New Business

A.     Barking Dogs, 736 College St. – Dave Krull/Max Handley

B.      Accessibility of Public Records – Handley

C.     Fund Raising Update – Kim Robinson

D.     Matter of Mayor Merfeld’s Attorney Fees – Mayor

E.      Community Center Liquor License Renewal

F.      Attorney Opinions

G.     Res. Adopting Payment Agreement for Delinquent Utility Bills

H.     Res. Directing Assessment for 702 Bradford St.

I.       Res. Directing Assessment for 210 Beelar St.

J.       Res. Directing Assessment for 518 Bradford St.

K.      Alternative Heating Source for Community Center – Bodensteiner

L.      General Fund Balance Discussion - Clerk

M.    Maintenance Items

1.     Rock on Road to County Shed – Mayor

2.     Lagoon Leak – Guthart

3.     Trees Needing Attention – Guthart

4.     Restroom Stool at Community Center - Clerk

N.     Set Budget Amendment Public Hearing

15.             Adjourn