City of Marble Rock, IA 50653-0098

Meeting Monday, May 7, 2012 7:00 P.M.

1.     Meeting called to Order

2.     Pledge of Allegiance

3.     Call to Order Public Hearing On the Proposal to Adopt the Marble Rock Code of Ordinances 2012 - Time 7:05 pm

4.     Ordinance Adopting the City Code of Ordinances 2012

5.     Approval of Agenda

6.     Approval of Minutes of the April 2, 2012 Regular Meeting

7.     Monthly Reports

8.     Claims

9.     Mayor Reports

10. Committee Reports

11. Correspondence

12. Unfinished Business

A.    Water Phase I Proposal Lingbeek

B.     Extending Water Line to Shut-off at New Building On Blank Street Mayor

C.     Old Dump Truck Repair

D.    City Sidewalk Repair Wells


13. New Business

A.    Whitetails Request to Close Street June 2 & Aug.4 J. Winters

B.     Ownership Update Application Approval for Comm. Center License - Clerk

C.     Comm. Center Liquor License Renewal Application - Clerk

D.    Methodist Church Concrete Work Mayor

E.     Landfill Matching Funds for Derelict Building Disposal Mayor

F.      Repairs at Dam Wells

G.    Mosquito Program 2012 - Clerk

H.    Certificate of Completion and Final Acceptance of Agreement Work Mayor

I.       Pipe Locator Mayor

J.      Mower Discussion/Mower Bid Mayor

K.     Schedule Budget Amend Public Hearing-Before May 30th - Clerk

L.      Clerk Retirement - Mayor


14. Maintenance Items

1.Repair culvert at Whitetails? (who repairs?)

2.Need to add a couple lights at Audrey Merfeld and Co-op

3.Road repairs: Vala, Wyborny, Thieman

4.Rock back wall? (hazard)

5.Main St. sidewalk repairs! (Harry Willsher)

6.Lawn mowing? 409 College, 410 Beelar, 634 College, 203 Railroad, 414

Bradford, 303 Wilson

7.Junk 610 College

8.Add a culvert at City Shed between driveway and Iowa St. (washing away road)

9.City shed roof has leaks?

10.Rock cemetery road, park, powerhouse, lagoon

15. Public Comment

16. Adjourn