City of Marble Rock IA 50653-0098

Meeting Monday July 6, 2009 7:00 P.M.


1.                 Meeting Called to Order

2.                 Pledge of Allegiance

3.                 Approval of Agenda

4.                 Approval of Minutes of June 1, 2009 Regular Meeting

5.                 Monthly Reports

6.                 Claims

7.                 Mayor Reports

8.                 Committee Reports

9.                 Unfinished Business

A.     Request to Purchase Portion of City Property Oelrichs

B.      Nuisance Letters/Nuisance Request

C.     TIF Sidewalk Project Estimate

D.     Culvert Update

E.      Dump to Merfeld Property Gate

F.      Dump/Lagoon North Border Fence Shared Cost

G.     Future EPJ Work/Cost

H.     Lagoon Update

I.       River St. Bridge Update

J.       Street Sign Update



10.             New Business

A.     Fun Days Earl Kiefer

B.      Res. Accepting Law Enforcement Agreement for 2009

C.     Jendro Rate Increase / Res. To Increase Bag Charge

D.     Rohwedder Street Rental

E.      Request to Take Care of Weeds E. Tegtmeier

F.      Committee Appointments

G.     TIF Project Clerk

H.     FEMA/Community Disaster Grants Reporting Clerk

I.       Animal Nuisance at 736 College St. / Ordinance Enforcement Engelhardt / Krull / Swinton

J.       Audit Findings Follow-up - Handley

K.      Ball Diamond Leases - Handley

L.      Bradford Street Blacktop East of RR Tracks (I-Jobs) - Handley

M.    Dogs Running Loose - Handley

N.     Nuisance River St. Grass Mowing Handley

O.    Omnitel Cable Dropping Channels Handley

P.      EPJ Steven Rogers


11.             Adjourn