City of Marble Rock, IA 50653-0098

Meeting Tuesday September 7, 2010 7:00 P.M.


1.                 Meeting Called to Order

2.                 Pledge of Allegiance

3.                 Approval of Agenda

4.                 Approval of Minutes of the August 2, 2010 Regular Meeting

5.                 Monthly Reports

6.                 Claims

7.                 Mayor Reports

8.                 Committee Reports

9.                 Correspondence

10.             Unfinished Business

A.     Committee Appointments Park Bd. 2, Comm. Center 1, Bd. Of Adj. - 1

B.      Discussion of Code Enforcer Suggested Junk Vehicles and Dangerous Buildings Ordinances and Possible Action

C.     Motion to Reconsider Driveway/Culvert Repair at 515 Beelar Hubbard

D.     City Hall Roof Discussion Continued from June Meeting




11.             New Business

A.     Questions About Cupboard in Basement Historical Society

B.      Water Shut-Off Repair Questions Chambers

C.     Res. Adopting Official Financial Report for City Streets

D.     Res. Adopting Official Year-End Financial Report for F/Y Ending June 30, 2010

E.      Lift Station Discussion

F.      Res. Approving Contract and Bond for Lift Station

G.     Attending League of Cities Annual Conference in Coralville Mayor

H.     Discussion of Water Meters at All Properties Mayor

I.       Electrical Box for Lions Club Message Bd.

J.       Halloween Trick or Treat




12.             Public Comment


13.             Adjourn