JULY 6, 2009  7:00 P.M.


          The Regular Meeting of the Marble Rock City Council was called to order with Mayor Merfeld presiding with Councilpersons Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells present.  Many interested citizens were present.  Mayor Merfeld led the Pledge of Allegiance.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Merfeld to depart from the regular agenda order to accommodate the guests.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Steven Rogers and Alan Murphy representing EPJ were present to explain EPJ and answer any questions the Council and citizens may have about the work being done.


          Animal nuisance was discussed at 736 College Street.  Neighbors said the noise and smell were constant.  They would like something done about this problem.  Moved Hutzell/seconded Handley to contact City Attorney to pursue animal nuisance until finality.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Handley/seconded Hutzell that nuisance committee will report nuisances to attorney and track progress and report back to Council.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Herb Oelrichs requested that he be able to purchase portion of city property.  This is property that is an untravelled portion of Beelar Street.  Gary Schmidt, who had already asked about buying the property, said he was agreeable to splitting the property.  Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt to schedule a Public Hearing to vacate a portion of city street and convey to adjoining property owners.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Earl Kiefer, Fun Days, requested that Main and Bradford Street be closed on August 1st for parade and Whitetails requested that portion of Main Street North be closed for beanbag toss and street dance.  Moved Engelhardt/seconded Handley to allow Fun Days to block Main and Bradford Streets for parade and Whitetails to close Main St. North until 2:00 A.M.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt for the city to pay for three (3) portable toilets for Fun Days.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Handley to return to regular agenda order.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Merfeld/seconded Handley to approve the agenda as amended with the striking of New Business K.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Handley/seconded Merfeld to accept the minutes of the June 1, 2009 Regular Meeting as written.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Merfeld to approve the monthly reports as amended.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Clerk Treasurers Report showed a balance of $487,733.36 with $374,691.13 of this invested.  These totals consist of the following: city= 92729.01 checking /199155.56 invested/ 291884.57 total.  Library= 19024.29 checking/ 159016.56 invested / 178040.85 total.  Comm. Center- 1041.02 checking/ 14722.23 invested / 15763.25 total. Park Bd.= 247.91 checking/ 512.18 invested/ 1284.60 endowment fund/ 2044.69 total.


          Income for the month of June totaled $46,515.55 which includes: gen. current tax 256.15/ins. current tax 57.50/ag land tax 13.15/LOST 1842.67/gen. equip. reserve interest 470.99/Paul Guthart, jury pay 104.00/Ackley-Comm. Center-Conert, school utilities-rent 601.67/garbage bags sold 389.25/garbage-recycle collection 843.75/spring clean-up charge 67.50/road use allocation 1472.53/Floyd County, road transfer payment 677.26/Road Use accounts interest 466.00/Renee Parker, cold mix 12.00/TIF Amend current tax 129.28/TIF interest 94.54/sales-option tax collected 231.17/Spurbeck, Raymond, water deposit 100.00/T&A interest 218.11/meter rent fees collected 75.00/t & A current tax 140.39/metered water sold 2940.58/penalties collected 140.80/postage charge collected 11.84/shut off card fee collected 55.00/Paul Guthart, jury pay 65.00/water interest 223.69/M.R. Library, copies 60.00, misc. 34.85, fines 1.95, city allocation 500.00, library interest 94.24/Comm. Center, current tax 4.27/Park Board interest 2.17/sewer revenue collected 2778.28/sewer interest 466.66/TIF Fund, internal loan-interest payment 10500.00/Paul Guthart, jury pay 91.00/Spurbeck-Raymond, sewer deposits 100.00/transfers 20182.31.


          Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt to approve the claims as amended.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.    Total of all claims were $30,288.98.


Salaries                                                                                                 3395.59

First Security Bank                  fed w-h/fica/medicare                                   843.86

IPERS                                    ipers                                                           444.39

Treasurer-State of Iowa           2nd qtr. st. w/h                                            414.00

Jendro Sanitation                    garbage/recycle collection                             839.56

Jendro Sanitation                    1 case large garbage bags                             337.50

Jendro Sanitation                    2009 spring cleanup                                   1570.20

Stop-N-Shop                          gas/diesel/veg. oil/cleaning supplies               600.83

Don’s Repair                          trimmer (weed-eater)                                   189.14

Farm Plan                              garb. bags/paint rollers/brushes                      85.51

Allied Manatts Group               road rock/dirt                                              879.71

Farmers Cooperative               round-up/2-4D                                            116.60

NAPA Auto Parts                    batteries-street sweeper                                197.36

Iowa Workforce Development  unemployment                                              15.11

NS Rockford Register              publish minutes                                           220.10

Iowa League of Cities              membership dues                                        235.00

John Stewart                          liquor license refund                                     292.50

Nicholas Ford                         mowing                                                      167.67

Calhoun-Burns                       bridge engineering services                         1824.00

Iowa Prison Industries            blind drive signs                                          137.50

Chatfield Salvage                    2 used tires/rims                                          300.00

Treasurer-State of Iowa           sales/option tax                                           231.00

Brown Supply                         stripping paint/marking paint/

                                            outside meter                                              259.99

IDNR                                     annual water supply fee                                  39.38

Iowa One Call                        locates                                                          18.00

Hawkins, Inc.                         cyl. rental/chlorine                                       322.00

L G I                                     water-sewer tests/lead & copper                      92.75

Postmaster                             stamps                                                       132.00

Landers Hardware                   parts for valve repair at lagoon                        37.44

Swartzrock Implement            clutch pack for 3 pt. mower                            63.60

Majewski’s Tire                       remove/change truck tire                                40.00

NIACOG                                membership dues                                        208.64

Floyd County Auditor              law enforcement fee                                     978.00

TrueNorth Company               employee insurance                                         4.80

Omnitel Communications        telephone service                                           70.00

Alliant Energy                        utilities                                                       885.43

Black Hills Energy                   utilities                                                       162.57

United Healthcare                   group insurance                                         1567.25

Sewer Revenue Fund               internal loan pmt./interest pmt.                 10500.00

Transfers                                                                                              1600.00


          Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt to accept John Marzen’s request for three (3) month extension of cleaning up property at 515 Beelar Street.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Hutzell/seconded Handley to follow through on nuisance at

328 Maple Street as per attorney instructions.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Handley/seconded Hutzell to proceed with follow up to attorney on nuisances at 303 Wilson St., 208 Beelar St., and 409 College St.  Roll: Ayes- All. Carried.


          Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt to proceed with attorney for nuisance at 203 Railroad Street.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Wells/seconded Merfeld to mow property at 301 River St. South.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt that if Councilman Engelhardt finds sidewalk measurements complete, do repair project of sidewalk on north side of Memorial Park.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Councilman Handley announced that the Lions Club would donate $200.00 a year for new street signs.  They will donate for up to eight (8) years, starting this year.  The City thanks them for their generosity.


          Moved Handley/seconded Hutzell to adopt Resolution 209-09 Accepting Law Enforcement Agreement Pursuant to Chapter 28E Code of Iowa.  Roll Call Vote: Ayes- Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells.  Nays – None.  Carried.  This agreement is at the same rate of $3.00 per capita.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Handley to adopt Resolution 2009-10 Setting New Garbage Bag Rates.  Roll Call Vote:  Ayes- Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells.  Nays – None.  Carried.  This increases the charge to $7.70 for a  package of large bags and to $5.70 for a package of small bags.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Handley to approve Mayor Merfeld’s appointment of John Marzen and Teresa Wells to the Park Board.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.  Their terms will expire June 30, 2013.  The Council would like to thank Karla Engelhardt for her service on the Park Board. 


          Council and citizens discussed dropping of TV channels.  Moved Hutzell/seconded Engelhardt to send letter to Omnitel Communications written by Councilman Handley.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Other items discussed were culvert, dump gate-fence, lagoon update, River St. Bridge, street rental, audit findings, dogs, and Bradford Street blacktop.


          Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 p.m.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.



                                            /s/ Doug Merfeld                                                                            Doug Merfeld, Mayor


/s/ Sandra Winters                 

Sandra Winters, City Clerk