OCTOBER 6, 2008  7:00 P.M.


          The Regular Meeting of the Marble Rock City Council was called to order with Mayor Merfeld presiding with Councilpersons Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells present.  City Attorney Mark Walk and many interested citizens were present.  Mayor Merfeld led the Pledge of Allegiance.


          Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt to depart from the regular agenda order to accommodate the guests.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Carol Wreghitt, representing the Library Board, stated that they would like Huff Construction to do the repair work needed from the hail damage.  Council agreed with request.  Library Board is in the process of getting an estimate from Huff.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Handley to approve the Stop-N-Shop Beer Permit renewal.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Dean Wentworth asks if it would be all right for him to put a railing on the steps going down to the river.  He would do the labor and provide the material.  Council advised that he approach the Park Board.


          Moved Merfeld/seconded Engelhardt to return to the regular agenda order.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Merfeld to approve the agenda as presented.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Hutzell to accept the minutes of the September 2, 2008 Regular Meeting as submitted.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Handley/seconded Wells to approve the monthly reports as amended.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Clerk Treasurers Report showed a balance of $452,156.58 with $354,650.23 of this invested.  These totals consist of the following: city= 73517.89 checking/185557.40 invested/259075.29 total.  Library= 23037.97 checking/ 155200.40 invested/ 177238.37 total.  Comm. Center- 1657.58 checking/ 13182.42 invested/14840.00 total. Park Bd.= 292.91 checking/ 510.01 invested/ 200.00 endowment fund/ 1002.92 total.





          Income for the month of August totaled $19,426.54 which includes: gen. current tax 2347.41/ins. current tax 527.02/ag land tax 16.38/State of Iowa, LOST 1927.93/Connie Lennie-Barry Rowe, zoning permit 10.00/Conert, Comm. Center, J.R. Ackley, school utilities 459.63/garbage bags sold 447.25/garbage-recycle collection 860.16/spring clean-up charge 68.50/road use allocation 1633.32/Floyd County, road transfer payment 696.97/TIF Amend tax 633.53/sales-option tax collected 235.11/Justin Brierly, water deposit 50.00/meter rent fees collected 76.00/t & A current tax 1286.64/metered water sold 2987.20/penalties collected 182.11/postage charge collected 12.18/shut off card fee collected 30.00/Lynn Spurbeck, paid on repair bill for 210 Beelar 100.00/First Security Bank, Lib. R. Bucklen Trust CD 136017 interest 116.02/M.R. Library, copies 95.00, misc. 10.00, fines 3.00/Comm. Center, current tax 39.14/sewer revenue collected 2926.04/Justin Brierly, sewer deposit 50.00/transfers 1600.00.


          Councilman Handley presented documentation that the appointment of Susan Nelson had been ask to be put on the agenda at the January 2008 and February 2008 agendas.  Council discussed these and no agreement was reached.  Councilman Handley presented a compromise that the Mayor would allow Susan Nelson to be on Park Board and the Council would pay his attorney fees.  Mayor accepted the agreement presented with the provision that the other appointment would be Kris Kuykendall.  Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt to accept a compromise agreement between Council and Mayor to allow Susan Nelson and Kris Kuykendall to be appointed for full terms to the Park Board and City will pay attorney Bakke’s fee of $862.92.  Roll Call Vote: Ayes- Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells.  Carried.


          Mayor Merfeld appointed Tracy Merfeld to the position of Mayor Protem.


          Moved Handley/seconded Hutzell to approve the claims as amended with the exception of number 1786.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried. 


          Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt to approve claims number 1786 to Dave Wells for tractor repair.  Roll Call Vote: Ayes- Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld.  Councilman Wells abstained because of conflict of interest.  Carried.  Total claims as amended are $25059.57.


Salaries                                                                                                 3388.52

First Security Bank                  fed w-h/fica/medicare                                   908.80

IPERS                                    ipers                                                           444.39

Treasurer-State of Iowa           3rd qtr. state w/h                                          435.00

Jendro Sanitation                    garbage/recycle collection                             839.56

Stop-N-Shop                          gas/tape/cleaning supplies                            407.11

Floyd County Auditor              law enforcement appropriation                      978.00

Mosquito Control of Iowa        2008 Mosquito Control                               1400.00

Menards-Mason City                various supplies/materials                             701.86

Dave Wells                             repair tractor cylinder/pins                            343.00

NS Rockford Register              publish minutes                                           209.82





Marble Rock Journal                publish thank you, bid request                        15.15

J.R. Ackley                             NIACOG meal                                               10.00

Iowa Workforce Development  unemployment                                              82.50

Walk & Murphy, P.L.C.            attorney services                                        1923.96

Floyd County, Iowa                 15”x20’ culvert                                            193.00

Floyd County Ag Center          2nd application dust control                           128.00

Iowa Prison Industries            signs                                                          515.13

Treasurer-State of Iowa           sales/option tax                                          240.00

Brown Supply Co.                   6 water meters/read-outs                              513.60

L G I                                     water tests/lead & copper/WQP                     261.80

Postmaster                             stamps                                                       126.00

Iowa Office Supply                 office supplies/bill envelops                           215.41

Staples                                  copier toner/paper/printer toner                    332.47

Fullerton Excavating                15-ton clay for lagoon repairs                       121.65

Farm Plan                              posts/fence/hammers/pliers-lagoon fence       684.55

Gary’s Enterprises                   tuck pointing                                             4500.00

Doug Merfeld                         mileage                                                        54.27

Bakke Law Office                    Mayor legal fees                                           862.92

TrueNorth Company               employee insurance                                         4.80

Omnitel Communications        telephone service                                           75.46

Alliant Energy                        utilities                                                      1009.18

Aquila                                   utilities                                                        113.31

United Healthcare                   group insurance                                          1420.35

Transfers                                                                                               1600.00


          Clerk was instructed to write new school leases to start January 1, 2009 charging rent to tenants.  It was decided to charge $125.00 to Conert and $75.00 to Ackley.  Copies of their lease will be sent to tenants so they can look over and leases will be on next agenda.


          Council scheduled a Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant for Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. and a second one on Monday, October 20, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.


          Moved Handley/seconded Wells that hearing findings and decisions on termination of Paul Guthart be accepted for filing.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt in the minutes of the August 4, 2008, page 3, paragraph 5, second to last line be amended by adding the word reasonable to read as follows “reasonable attorney fees”.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Dogs running loose were discussed and the Council instructed the Clerk to post signs that dogs will be picked up that are running loose and kept at the City Shed and owner notified.








          Other items discussed were audit, nuisances, response to citizens letter, public records, time cards, park water lines, red flag program, General Fund cash balance, and garbage.


          Moved Handley/seconded Hutzell to adjourn the meeting at 9:24 p.m.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.




                                            /s/ Doug Merfeld                                                                            Doug Merfeld, Mayor



/s/ Sandra Winters                 

Sandra Winters, City Clerk