NOVEMBER 2, 2009  7:00 P.M.


          The Regular Meeting of the Marble Rock City Council was called to order with Mayor Merfeld presiding with Councilpersons Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells present.  Many interested citizens were present.  Mayor Merfeld led the Pledge of Allegiance.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Merfeld to depart from the regular agenda order to accommodate the guests.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Steve Bodensteiner, representing the Community Center, explained that the Community Center wanted to try for a USDA Rural Development Energy Efficiency Grant or loan to install a Geo-Thermal Heating System at the Community Center.  Moved Engelhardt/seconded Merfeld to adopt Resolution 2009-14 Agreeing to Apply for Financial Assistance with the USDA, Rural Development.  Roll Call Vote- Ayes- Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells.  Nays- None.  Carried.


          Selection of a TIF Project was discussed.  The Auditor’s Office gave an estimate of $94,000 that will be available next fiscal year.  Moved Handley/seconded Engelhardt to spend TIF money on the River Street Bridge Project.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.  The estimated $94,000 will be split with half as rebate to elevator and half for Bridge Project.


          Darlene presented a sample view ordinance to protect someone’s view or sunshine.  Moved Hutzell/seconded Merfeld to consider “View Ordinance”.  Roll: Ayes- Engelhardt, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells.  Nays- Handley.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Handley to return to regular agenda order.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Wells to approve the agenda as amended with the addition of Unfinished Business K- John Marzen bill.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Merfeld to approve the minutes of the October 5, 2009 Regular Meeting.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Wells to approve the monthly reports as amended.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Wells/seconded Engelhardt to approve the claims as amended.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.    Total of all city claims were $18413.56.



Salaries                                                                                                 3387.13

EiPrinting                               computer checks/envelopes                           155.95

TrueNorth Companies             life insurance                                                  4.80

Omnitel Communications        telephone service                                          72.32

Alliant Energy                        electricity                                                    881.07

Black Hills Energy                   natural gas                                                  108.20

United Healthcare                   group insurance                                         1567.25

Farm Plan                              expanded metal for culvert                              24.13

Hawkins, Inc.                         cyl. rental                                                       5.00

Walk & Murphy                       attorney fees                                               344.50

Deboest Concrete Corp.           install sidewalk                                          5610.00

Huber Supply                         welding supplies                                            39.39

Maxson-Frudden Lumber         shed back door repair and screws                  122.50

NAPA Auto Parts                    R.V. antifreeze                                               20.94

Stop-N-Shop                          gas/diesel/cleaning supplies                          117.58

Postmaster                             stamps                                                         44.00

First Security Bank                  fed. W/H/ fica/medic                                  1039.64

IPERS                                    Ipers w/h                                                    587.88

L G I                                     water test                                                      21.00

David Meyer                           vinyl cement patch – powerhouse                    19.24

Iowa Dept. of Revenue            sales/option tax                                           204.41

Jendro Sanitation                    garbage/recycle collection                             839.56

Jendro Sanitation                    1 case large garbage bags                             360.00

Allied Manatts Group               boat ramp cement/rock                                290.67

Marble Rock Petty Cash           UPS charge/postage                                       21.40

Fullerton Excavating                water leak on Marzen property                      925.00

Transfers                                                                                               1600.00


          Mayor reported that a few more days is all that should be needed to complete the EPJ program.  The State inspected the EPJ program and was satisfied with operation.


          Mayor attended meeting with the Floyd County Supervisors and area Mayors to discuss the law enforcement agreement that the towns have with the County.  At the present time we pay $3.00 per capita, but the County would like to raise that amount to $4.00 per capita.  Mayors stressed that money was tight and did not feel they could afford the increase.  Supervisors will let us know what they decide.


          A leak was discovered in the roof at City Hall.  Clerk was instructed to contact the company that put it on and inquire about any warrantee.


          River Street Bridge Project was discussed.  Moved Handley/seconded Wells to have City Attorney Mark Walk and Nancy Halvorson of DOT work to acquire property needed for bridge project.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Mayor Merfeld called the Public Hearing for Vacation of Public Property and Sale of Public Property to order.  Discussion was held.  Moved Handley seconded Engelhardt to close the Public Hearing.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Handley to adopt Resolution 2009-15 Adopting the Vacation of Public Property and the Sale of Public Property.  Roll Call Vote: Ayes- Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells.  Nays- None.  Carried.


          Ordinance 04-2009 Amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Marble Rock, Iowa 2002, By Adding a New Chapter Requiring the Mowing of Properties Within the City Limits of the City of Marble Rock was presented for 2nd reading.  Moved Engelhardt/seconded Hutzell to pass Ordinance on second reading.  Roll Call Vote: Ayes- Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells.  Nays- None.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Wells to put the Ordinance in December agenda for third and final reading.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Councilman Handley presented a Proposed Animal Control Ordinance.  Councilman Engelhardt would like to figure out a way to have ordinances enforced before doing anything with animal ordinance.  Council will table for sometime in the future.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Wells to pay Fullerton bill for water line repair on Marzen property and send letter to John Marzen asking for reimbursement; also send a copy of the bill and code section dealing with property owners being responsible.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Handley to adopt Resolution 2009-16 Adopting the Official Year-End Financial Report for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2009.  Roll Call Vote: Ayes- Engelhardt, Handley, Hutzell, Merfeld, Wells.  Nays- None.  Carried.


          Council discussed Christmas and Santa handing out treats.  It was decided that Santa would hand out treats on Saturday, December 19, 2009.


          Other items discussed were nuisances, water rates, Proposed Accounting Procedures, and using I-JOBS funds for maintenance.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Merfeld to adjourn the meeting at 8:38 p.m.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.




                                            /s/ Doug Merfeld                                                                            Doug Merfeld, Mayor


/s/ Sandra Winters                 

Sandra Winters, City Clerk