APRIL 5, 2010  7:00 P.M.


          The Regular Meeting of the Marble Rock City Council was called to order with Mayor Merfeld presiding with Councilpersons Engelhardt, Hubbard, Parcher, Schmidt, Wells present.  Various interested citizens were present.  Mayor Merfeld led the Pledge of Allegiance.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Hubbard to depart from the agenda to accommodate the guests.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          A complaint was received from Dean Ott regarding 4-wheelers.   Mr. Ott said 2 or 3 were racing and he thought it was very dangerous.  Since it is not really legal to drive them on city streets, Mayor Merfeld wants to talk to the Sheriff about what we could do and what we should do about this matter.


          Thomas Madden, Yaggy Colby Associates, was present to discuss the lift station.  The bottom is rusting and there is a real danger of it caving in.  Moved Engelhardt/seconded Hubbard to have Yaggy Colby prepare a proposal for updating and repairing of the lift station.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Hubbard to return to the regular agenda order.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Schmidt to approve the agenda as presented.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Hubbard to approve the minutes of the

March 1, 2010 Regular Meeting and the March 10, 2010 Special Meeting as presented.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Monthly reports were discussed.  Moved Engelhardt/seconded Hubbard to approve the monthly reports as amended.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Income for the month of March totaled $21,311.86 which includes:  General Fund $3594.12, TIF Fund 148.00, Comm. Center Fund 23.17, Library Fund $561.11, Roads Revenue Fund $9842.51, Special Revenues Fund $350.62, Landfill-Garbage/Recycling Fund $1282.49, Sewer Revenue Fund $2797.05, Water Revenue Fund $2712.79.


          Moved Parcher/seconded Hubbard to approve the claims as presented.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.    Total of all city claims were $38,408.88.



Salaries                                                                                                 3390.65

TrueNorth Companies             life insurance                                                  4.80

Omnitel Communications        telephone service                                          69.93

Alliant Energy                        electricity                                                    886.90

Black Hills Energy                   natural gas                                                1181.22

United Healthcare                   group insurance                                         1567.25

Dana Norby                           purchase backhoe for city                           4000.00

Postmaster                             stamps                                                       220.00

Stop-N-Shop                          pick-up gas, diesel, paper towels                   198.80

Hawkins, Inc.                         monthly cyl. rental                                         10.00

Calhoun-Burns Associates        River St. Bridge Project                               4357.50

Menards-Mason City                cold mix, sign posts                                     109.14

Landers Hardware                   ballast for hall, lagoon repair material              83.62

Eddy Walker Equipment          belt for snow plow sander                             428.09

Farm Plan                              c-clamp                                                          8.95

ATR Lighting Enterprises         street light bulbs                                          252.78

Charles City Press                   publish minutes                                             75.07

LGI                                       monthly water test                                         21.00

Airgas North Central               oxygen tank refill                                           26.45

Neil Wedeking Electric             street light repair/photo cell                            57.77

Advantage Business Solutions  phone/web support                                        37.50

Jacqueline Bushbaum              water/sewer security deposit refund               200.00

Marble Rock Reserves              transfers                                                   1600.00

Staudt Insurance                    city insurance policies                                 9885.00

NIACOG                                multi-hazard mitigation plan                       6726.20

First Security Tax                    941 taxes                                                    990.36

IPERS                                    Ipers w/h                                                   552.65

Iowa Workforce Development  unemployment                                              14.74

Iowa Dept. of Revenue            state w/h                                                    424.00

Iowa Dept. of Revenue            sales tax                                                     182.00

Marble Rock Petty Cash           postage/wash pick-up                                       6.95

Jendro Sanitation                    garbage/recycle collection                             839.56




1.     Councilman Engelhardt attended a Fire Dept. meeting.  They are applying for a loan for a new fire truck and our portion would be an estimated $13,000.

2.     Mayor said that people are burning leaves in the street and thinks that they need to be told that they cannot do that.  Clerk was instructed to put a notice in the next Journal stating that there is to be no burning leaves in the street.

3.     Mayor requested the Park Board Financial Report for March and was told there was no report, but the amounts had not changed since the last report.  He wants a report every month from the Park Board much like the Library Report that the Council gets every month that contains all of the financials for the Park Board.


          Mayor said the person that he had been talking to about a Code Enforcer position had gotten a job away from here so he was no longer interested.  He ask for input from Council members concerning what they want regarding pay, hours, duties, etc.


          Moved Engelhardt/seconded Schmidt to table bridge inspection proposal.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Councilman Engelhardt reported that the Bridge Project was proceeding.  The City Attorney was still working on the property easements.


          A proposal was presented for the 2010 Mosquito Control Program.  Moved Parcher/seconded Schmidt to find out how many times they sprayed last year and how many times minimum they will spray this year.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.


          Council discussed the practice of hauling a load of rock for people and decided to continue the practice.  Upon request the City will haul one load of driveway rock.  The city will haul and the person will pay for the rock.  City will not spread the rock.


          Mayor appointed Councilmen Parcher and Schmidt to a Committee to investigate speed bumps.


          Other items discussed were roof repair, Omnitel customer appreciation, and grants from Alliant Energy.


          Moved Wells/seconded Engelhardt to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 p.m.  Roll: Ayes- All.  Carried.




                                            /s/ Doug Merfeld                                                                            Doug Merfeld, Mayor


/s/ Sandra Winters                 

Sandra Winters, City Clerk